Story Of Premature Son Cured With Shaklee

Story Of Premature Son Cured With Shaklee

This is Eli Bremer, a pentathlete, gold medalist at Beijing 2008. He is the captain of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team, a world-class sports team selected from highly competetive sports.

Ok I don’t want to talk about the achievements of this Shaklee Performance Team athlete, but today I want to tell a heartbreaking story told by this captain. The story begins when Eli Bremer retires from competing in the pentathlon, he settles down and marries his ideal girl.

Then his wife got pregnant, and here the challenge began. Their child was born premature and the doctor confirmed that they would not live long. Even if life is not perfect like everyone else.

Eli Bremer’s story is stuck because he is laughing. Look at this picture of his son flirting with a wire.

For a while, her son did not respond directly to breathing with the help of breathing apparatus.

Her son, Richard ‘Struthers’ Bremer, was diagnosed with failure to thrive, and was given little hope.

After several tests, the doc concluded that his son’s problem was lack of nutrition. Despite the Struthers feed with the special formula there were no positive changes.

Eli Bremer remembers Shaklee back then. He contacts Shaklee’s scientist and is a good master with him. Diorg suggests Eli feed her son with Shaklee Liqui Lea (with doctor approval).

This Shaklee Liqui Lea is Vitalea but in liquid form.

Surprisingly and miraculously, Eli Bremer’s son responds and is like ‘came to life’ in just 10 days!

Until the doc discharges and announces the child can go home.

Wow! This time one hall was in tears.


Then, Eli Bremer summoned his wife and son Struthers to the stage. can see in the comment box ..

Cute Struthers?

At first I remember that these athletes took Shaklee to improve their performance in the sport, while adhering to strict anti-doping regulation. because of course taking Shaklee products is no problem. Apparently not, love, love, love coat with shaklee products n recommend it with family n friends.

Different Shaklee athletes and other products, the Shaklee Pure Performance team’s athletes are not even paid to be product ambassadors, but they do take Shaklee ‘for the love of the products’.

Amazingly, the stage is filled with storytelling

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