Stress Is Silent Killer

Stress Is Silent Killer

Always feel not focuses, excited, hard to sleep and no motivation to suceed.

Read on, this may be beneficial to you. In many situations that we maybe feel harmless, STRESS is our silent killer.

Our body is like a nutrient reserves that will supply the right nutrients for us to function properly.

Unfortunately, every time we stress, the nutrients that the body should distribute to perform other functions, are stolen to produce stress hormones.

The nutrients have to be stolen, the body cannot recover quickly because STRESS will slowly shuts down our digestive system.

We eat for 2 days but due to stress, nutrients are not well absorbed.

Over time, the nutrients we need to control stress become less and less, and our resilience and ability to control stress become weaker and weaker.

That’s the origin of stress, it quickly loses control. Very quickly feel overwhelmed, migraine and depressed.

So eating right and supplementation is very important for us to survive in this time full of stress.

Among the supplements that help improve stress are b complex, vitamin c, vitamin D and magnesium. There are tons of research that linked all these vitamins with stress management.

But the most famous is vitamin B to control stress. Want to know what it’s like?

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