Success Failure Never Final

Success Failure Never Final

I’ve sat down with former IMKK hotseat participants who were invited on stage to share in front of thousands of IMKK students how successful their businesses have become and how their lives have transformed. A year or so later, their business can nosedive until they had to sell house and car and everything until they don’t know how to feed their family tomorrow. That bad it became.

I’ve been with former multi millionaires who asked for a ride home to their rental flat when previously they drove a high end luxury car and lived in a huge bungalow.

I’ve met again with former award winners who graced the stage and shook hands with ministers and their businesses crumbled shortly after.

Success and failure are never final.

Don’t bank on your highs.
Or despair at your lows.

Always remember what got you there and how hard you worked. Keep working hard.

Sometimes accolades and interviews and your face plastered on the front page of magazines or newspapers might fool you into thinking you are invincible and that success is firmly in your pocket. This is dangerous. When it begins, be aware. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just remember you are a helpless traveller in the small boat straddling the vast ocean. You are at His mercy. Embrace the journey. Stay humble.

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