Target Love Handles ?

Target Love Handles ?

Is there a proven way to shrink your LOVE HANDLES??

Heck YES! Please click SHARE and help spread the word and dispel the myths!

YES.. you can reduce the thickness and girth of those annoying love handles. But,

NO you CAN NOT spot reduce just one specific area.

In fact, relatively speaking, it’s nearly impossible to to target fat loss.

But HAVE HOPE! There is a way to reduce your love handles! The only catch is that while you’re reducing fat around your waistline you’ll be reducing fat in many other areas of your body simultaneously.

You can NOT reduce fat in an area by working the underlying muscle like the waistline, abs, back of the arms or thighs. There is no exercise that can target fat in one area.

Here’s why: muscle is muscle and fat tissue is fat tissue.

Muscle can not turn into fat cells. Fat cells can not be turned into muscle. Shocked? It’s true.

Rather, muscle tissue can grow or shrink, I.e, hypertrophy/atrophy thereby changing our body composition the increasing the hormones which shrink fat cells

Fat cells also shrink or grow. In fact, you likely have the same number of fat cells today that you had at age 18. The only difference is that those cells expand and shrink depending on our training, diet, nutrition, gender and age.

Fat cells shrink all over at a relatively balanced pace. We store fat all over our body to protect us (Although sometimes it gives us more protection than we need!) this also tends to mean that the first place you notice that collection is also likely to be the last place it comes off.

Muscle development, however, can be targeted! In other words— ignore a muscle and it will shrink in size and strength.

So…the best solution to reducing love handles is to reduce your overall body fat and then targeting the waistline to make that area stronger and tighter.

Reducing your body fat can be done most effectively by doing 4 things;

1. Reduce calories to just slightly below your daily burn, eating clean (a balance of lean protein, dark leafy green vegetables, and the right amount of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats!)

2. Cross train your cardio. Mix up HIIT, with long duration and moderate intensity mid duration. The key is to change it up and keep the body guessing.

3. Heavy strength training! Studies show that even the morbidly obese show quicker fat loss when incorporating heavy strength training.

4. Proper sleep. Sleep is no joke when it comes to body fat. When we are sleep deprived our bodies produce cortisol which tends to collect around the midsection. Simply getting more sleep and changing nothing else can often produce substantial changes in body fat.

Summary- Be patient. It will come off! Praise your progress! There are no shortcuts! Stay the course and remember that overall health should always be your goal.

Though consumers are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable, there is still a large portion of the population that thinks you can target one area of fat on your body. Let’s help spread the word! Please share this post!


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