Testoterone , Oestrogen, Weight Training

Testoterone , Oestrogen, Weight Training

How does testosterone and oestrogen plays a role during weight training?

Hormones help the body regulate itself and provide stability to the body’s internal environment. Hormones regulate growth, reproduction, and development, to help the body adapt to physiological stresses placed on the body by the external environment.

The two main hormones associated with muscle building and strength gains, as a result of weight training, are testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). When these hormones are released into the blood stream one of their jobs is to act directly on muscle cells to produce muscle growth.

Testosterone helps stimulate muscle building and the secretion of human growth hormone. Women have on average one-tenth the amount of testosterone of men. (The main reason man goes bulky and woman doesn’t) .Testosterone levels vary greatly amongst women and affect their ability to gain muscle. This may explain why some women have an advantage with strength gains than others.

Although women’s testosterone levels do not significantly change due to resistance training, androstenedione (another muscle building hormone) has been found to increase during the luteal phase (14-28 days into menstrual cycle) in response to resistance training. It must be noted that androstenedione has a weaker affect than testosterone when building muscle.

Human growth hormone (HGH) stimulates protein synthesis (muscle building) and increases fat metabolism (fat burning). The greatest release of HGH is during sleep.

Studies have found that human growth hormone levels rise in response to a single resistance training session in women. This release is greatest during the luteal phase of menstrual cycle.

So if you’re a woman and you think lifting makes you a hulk or manly you’ve gotta change your mindset and read up more 💪🏻 it makes you lean have a define body shape and muscle mass- also stronger more energetic and healthier!

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