The Story Of Chicken And Eagle

The Story Of Chicken And Eagle

Once upon a time, the chicken and the eagle lived together.

One day, the eagle said, “let’s fly to the sky. The sky is very beautiful.

“I can’t even fly ten paces away. How can I fly to the sky?” “Said the chicken timidly.

“It is because our wings are not strong yet. If we practice hard, we can fly to the sky.” The eagle still encourages the chicken.

So the chicken decided to practice flying with the eagle.

The chicken is lazy, just practiced for a while and said it was tired, sit down to rest there.
And the eagle has been practicing, as long as fly into the air, it is not easy to fall.

He said to the chicken in the air, “You have to practice! The sky is beautiful, practice with me!”

The chicken looked up at the eagle practicing flying in the air and thought: The eagle flew up, if I have enough ability, I can also fly into the sky like it.
The chicken says, “I want fly too! But I’m tired today. I’ll practice hard from tomorrow.”

The next day the chicken said: “I’m so tired today. I’ll do better tomorrow.”

The chicken is always “tomorrow” to hard work, so it can only fluttering on the ground.
From then on, the chicken and the eagle separated, one on the ground, while the other flew high.

Do you be which kind of people?
Practice hard and reach your goal one day or
Rest day and waste your time?

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