The True Meaning Of SACRIFICE

The True Meaning Of SACRIFICE

Today, Amir is inspired by the story of an Ustaz who sacrificed 100 cattle in his own name in more than 3 countries in need. On top of that, his victim’s value alone exceeds RM300,000.

He was interviewed to share his secret and was willing to sacrifice so much on this glorious day.

One he refers to is the meaning of sacrifice. It means giving us the best of the results we get. When you want to give it, let this heart flutter. For example, we have a thousand dollars in hand. When we give alms, our hearts are not affected because we know there is more left.

But when we donate RM500 or RM800 at a time. Our hearts must be pounding, right? It is true that we want to make that much, but we only have RM1,000.

Based on Ustaz’s own experience, when he gives or offers the best for others. God replaces it even more so that the money in his account does not decrease. His investment and business are further enhanced.

That’s what he meant by “sacrifice”. He added, don’t worry about the property being sacrificed because God’s promise is sure. Every dollar we “sacrifice” will be replaced by a value of 700 times.

May we all make sacrifices by giving our best in the way of God. By the way, we will all meet in heaven someday Ustaz says.

credit : Amir Marzhuki

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