Treatment For SLE

Treatment For SLE

Hooo, today, there are people who ask me about SLE disease, what is this thing, it sounds kind of weird. But in fact, this disease is not strange for  millionaires, because they already understand and understand what SLE is and how to reduce SLE pain. But no, let’s read a little about SLE.

Absolutely not, if you read some important references for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus disease, it sounds strange like a couscous wind. The disease is still under study, so it needs a proper approach, and care. There is indeed a special association, namely the Malaysian SLE Association, to discuss and care about this SLE disease. Imagine if your immune system attacks your own body, that is what happens to SLE patients, abnormal antibodies cause the immune system to become chaotic, and cause the body to become weak.

A  millionaire, master Zuraifah Anuar, or known as Iffah Anuar, a person with SLE. Indeed, if you hear the story, a little sad and sad, the body is too weak, always get sick and so on. But, iffah got up, with the nutrition of Vivix , Iffah turned 360 degrees, and now a successful MUSLIM MILLIONAIRE, her face is now cheerful and happy to share experiences and tips for treating SLE patients.

In the website, there are some great suggestions for SLE patients. Most importantly SLE patients need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and do not forget to do light exercise. Most importantly, family support is very important for SLE patients. Iffah Anuar’s story is an example of how an SLE sufferer managed to rise, from SLE to a Millionaire. It is a powerful mobilization for SLE patients who feel they have no hope in this world.

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