UMNO Minister Competent Charismatic World Class Leader

UMNO Minister Competent Charismatic World Class Leader


How can you not be proud and certainly will not regret if you had voted a performing Parliament Member like Hishamuddin here?

This is where the fine line meets between PH leader and BN leader.

If you still remember, Malaysia (UNDER PH GOVERNMENT) had recieved a huge blow when they went ahead on “big stick” policy to India’s government. While Mahathir went on bold by betting on Modi’s nationalism, hence stirring up the relationship between India and Malaysia – it is the planters, the palm oil industry that had to pay the price.

Imagine this, India’s January 2020 import was only at 46,876 – 85% drops compared to figure in January 2019.

Likewise, it gets further dissapointing when there was literally no action coming from PH’s ministers to fix the country’s relationship with Modi’s goverment. Not even from ex trade minister Darrel Leiking who went casually saying there was no plan to meet up with India’s minister at Davos during the world economic forum.

Quoting his (Darrel) own very words:

“The only invitation to Davos is through the Malaysian government. There are no plans to meet anyone in particular but we may bump into them,”

“along the way, we may bump into each other and a hello always leads to something good”.

U-huh! A hello if bumped! A casual, and carefree ex minister! Even when the palm oil industry was facing a threat on palm oil, not just from India but from ban threat by European Union.

With less efforts were done by the previous PH government, in early year 2020, from Jan – June 2020, India had only purchased 400,000 tonnes compared to previous year of 2.6 Millions on the same period. 85% drop! India is basically taking only 10 – 15% from their usually monthly consumption from Malaysia. “Thanks” to the incompetent PH government, from its Prime Minister, down to their minister.

It was only by May 2020, after new PN government took over, India agreed to take 200,000 tonnes after Malaysia signed a deal to purchase 100,000 tonnes of rice and India’s importers went back to their normal consumption on Malaysia’s palm oil.

Just check out these two graphs here on 2019 – 2020, Malaysia had one of its worst slump on MPO exports to India since controversial dispute between India and Malaysia on October 2019, and we could see an uptrend ONLY after the new government took over.

Hate BN all you want.
Love PH all you want.

But the figures tell. How PH incompetency had led us to one of the worst industry billateral crisis which could have been avoided.

Surely, Malaysia had went through nightmare under PH government. Having to witness them foolishly messing up with decades of relationship built by BN government. It has been a waste of 22 months during PH government, when we could have achieve so much more.

In however way, I am glad that PH government is no longer governing. The fact that they did it to themselves proves that PH leaders are far from worthy to even hold a post in a parliament, let alone as a minister. Chanting on kleptokrat, on lust over power, yet they themselves consumed by power and finally collapsed thanks to the endless dispute over power among themselves.

The palm oil trade’s case with India should be a lesson learned to Malaysians.

Over the importance to vote wisely.
Over the importance to vote for competent people.
Ovee the importance to vote for better policy makers.

We don’t need leaders with gimmicks.
We don’t need leaders with rethoric populist speeches.
But instead we need leaders with vision, with empathy, and certainly those that understand the art of diplomacy.

So GE15, vote for BN. Vote for your future.

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