Understanding Vitamin C

Understanding Vitamin C

Ever Understand Vitamin C
Never Take Paracetamol.
But It’s Fast to Action. Unhealthy Feeling Continues to Reach and Swallow. Don’t Be Fresh To Eat. Slow Tu

The idea is simple
When There Is An Infectious Disease Or Virus
Oxidative Stress Occurs in the Body
Free Radicals Broad and Scattered

Vitamin C Will Act to Donate Electron and Stabilize Inflammation. At the same time sitting in the body’s first line of defense for combat infection

It also combines with hormone stress to drive the body’s ability to fight off virus or germs attacks.

But keep in mind that vitamin C will boost Level 1 Detox. There will be many free radicals to capture. So take lots of water to ease phase 2 detox.

Adults, they drink a lot of water. Take a shower. Cool the body. It can be an organic garlic and extra gourmet chicken soup.

Kids Make sure Water is Enough. Good breastfeeding. Repeat the Body Repeat Again until the Fever Comes Down. Kids Will Always Get Down With Her Fever. It’s a lot of work. But worth it. Let’s Tired. Let’s not regret seeing him torture later.

Kids If You Can’t Eat and Drink That You Need to Go to Naa Hospital. All Things Have Limits. We Hope We Know Our Kids. When He Is Not Well We Should Know and Take Care. If You Find It Is Not Under Control. The hospital is located.

Most Homes Still Have a Cake. There’s still Fast Food. There’s still plenty of sugar. Still No Change in How to Eat. The Way Above Doesn’t Matter. Damn Nak So. The Nutrient Debt Cause Was Bad From The Beginning. Gap Remote

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