Unusual Food For Testosterone

Unusual Food For Testosterone

Testosterone levels in most men are rapidly declining.

And most scientists are still unsure as to why.

Why are testosterone levels declining?

Honestly, no one really knows right now.

There’s a ton of studies that look at the consequences of having low testosterone.

And even some that look at the signs and symptoms of low testosterone.

The reality is, some of these studies are very vague in highlighting a specific reason.

Probably because there’s more to it than just one thing.

What all the studies do suggest is this:

Diet and lifestyle a huge factors.

What we eat on a daily basis and the choices we make each day do play a role in how much testosterone is produced.

Did you know that losing just a few pounds of excess bodyfat, and getting below 15% bodyfat can have a significant impact on the natural levels of testosterone?

Pretty crazy, right.

Most guys think that they need to get down to single digit bodyfat number to increase testosterone….

…but this just ain’t true.

It’s why there’s a 7 day shock protocol built into The 21 Day Testosterone Blueprint.

It basically tries to remove as much excess bodyweight as possible.

Even losing a few inches off our waistlines can dramatically improve testosterone levels.


…I don’t want to get sidetracked by lifestyle choices too much.

This email is going to be about the foods that increase testosterone naturally.

Egg Yolks

I can’t begin to tell you how many emails and questions I get about eggs.

It’s usually from men who want to increase testosterone, but are just super confused what to eat – especially when it comes to eggs.

Here’s why I think people get confused about eggs.

For many years we were told that eggs are bad for us, then good for us, then bad for us.

You get the picture, right?

All this back and fore has just left everyone in limbo.

And rather than eat something that might be bad for us, we just leave it out completely – just to be on the safe side

But the saturated fat content found inside the egg yolk is what’s needed for testosterone to be produced.

There’s now a ton of research showing that men who have a diet low in saturated fat… .

..have much lower levels of testosterone than men who eat saturated fat.


Salmon offers a ton of health benefits, not to mention being a high protein food.

But as this article is about foods that increase testosterone naturally, so let’s look at why salmon helps boost testosterone.

Salmon (just like other oily fish) contains a high amount of fatty acids – in particular omega 3.

While omega 3’s don’t directly increase testosterone, they do fix the ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.

It’s this unbalanced ratio of omegas that can cause a decline in testosterone.

A diet that is too high in omega 6 is usually a diet that’s high in processed foods, sugary foods and even trans fats.

Of course, removing these will help.

But increasing the amount of omega 3 will also help.

A typical western diet has a ratio of 32:1 in favour of omega 6 (not good).

The perfect ratio would be 1:1.

This is in an ideal world and pretty hard to achieve for most of us.

But anything around 2-6:1 in favour of omega 3, would put you way above the average mans’ diet.


Not all beef is created equally – just gonna put that out there right now.

You’ve got all sorts of different cuts of beef. And some of the sources of beef are somewhat undesirable.

But, if you can get your hands on grass fed, organic beef cuts, you’re on to a winner.

There’s a couple of pretty unique ways in which beef helps you increase testosterone.

The first is it contains Zinc.

This is a pretty potent mineral for men.

Zinc plays a huge role in the creation and formation of testosterone production.


…beef contains a decent amount of saturated fat.

And if you recall, saturated fat is a building block of testosterone.

This is why having the best cut of beef is important as the higher quality of beef you have…

…the higher quality of saturated fat you eat.

Eating low grade beef can result in you digesting and absorbing toxins directly from the fat of the beef you’re eating.

Not good.

Clearly, there’s a LOT more foods that can increase testosterone.

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