Use Smartphone For Business

Use Smartphone For  Business

Once upon a time when I first studied, I heard that my members can make money, sell ebooks, hoo, do not believe me, but you know the story,it is great. Because at that time in the laptop era, he got free wifi at the mamak shop, he could run an internet business. Ok, at that time I was studying, so I was not interested, but I was also impressed, that time I would not have Facebook anymore. It is possible to make money while studying.

Hahaha, this is not a fairy tale. The story of students making money is history, open it on fb now, students now are good at making money, selling that and this. But not everyone has the time, some are learning and some are a waste of time.

There is no denying that now students now have smartphones, sophisticated, thousands of thousands, then they are diligent hang out at mamak shops, eh nowadays hipster cafe. Hoo great indeed great. Hhahaha, but after graduating, is it difficult to find a job? how is it?

If you want to tell a story about the opportunity to find a job, then you have to ask a motivational expert, who is experienced, people must tell you to look for a cheap salary job, start from the bottom, look for experience. that if you are interested in getting a steady income, the budget can make a loan to buy a car house.

But if you are the type who does not like work, wants to work alone, why not, use your mobile phone during your studies, try to find dropship, do not even become a distributor of products that do sell all the time. Yes, there is, if you are diligent in playing long selfie mobile phones, try to do a little research on the best business. So many now business that can be said to be zero capital. It’s terrible right?

But when do you want to start? Start before you leave university again. Now online is free, you can hang out at hipster shops, not even looking for a fast internet mamak shop, you can do all sorts of things, start opening virtual shops, start writing blogs, promote yourself, gather followers, likers all, later you will come out, many already know you, end up happy you want to sell goods, even now you sell ideas even people buy your ideas.

Nowadays, don’t wait for people to offer jobs, go for interviews, while in the meantime you look for zero-capital online business, it’s worth it, but you have to be a little patient. Do you already have a mobile phone to use for scholarships? If there is no internet, there is a free wifi store, right? So do not waste time. Want more best tips, about business, you can ask WAHM Ainul Fadzilah Mustafa, she is still powerful !!!!

If I am now, I choose business, this is easy, because his product all the time people choose, want to update the best, happy, you need to share every thing with vitamins. Because his product is a lifestyle, a healthy medicated fever, Friday night all products. The capital is low, register it, it’s RM 35, then you can promote, create a blog. Hahhaa, here again join the Healthy Diet Diet team, you can learn to make viral articles. This is my business, hahahaha.

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