Vision Dsyfunction

Vision Dsyfunction

The 3 Ways to Test Your Child’s Learning Struggle is because of HOW TO SEE THE VISION DYSFUNCTION problem.

If a student wants to read faster, the smoothness of ‘jumping’ points and from one word to another should be done well.

This action requires a powerful, fast, accurate and efficient eye muscle package.

It’s only easier to understand what you’re reading.

How to read this ‘jump’ can be tested and treated for any signs of dysfunction.

Signs that parents may see:

1- Children often do not have time to copy in class (while eyes are set clear).

2- Exam drop because vision with dysfunction lowers the quality of understanding while learning. Even more tuition and more intense study.

3- Non-confidential and restrictive reading when read aloud (so that we can read fluency).

If detected and treated early, it will help the child to learn in a more harmonious manner between HOW TO – BRAIN – UNDERSTAND.

Make it a health routine once every 4 months.

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