Vivix Shaklee Promotion August 2019

Vivix Shaklee Promotion August 2019

In the past, Shaklee had made a promotion to the campaign, making it for members. But now, for this great Vivix product Shaklee has to expand its scope to grab this promo to non-experts as well.

Why? The reason is that more and more people are taking advantage of Shaklee products as good as Vivix. Not only is it proven safe and clinically effective (scientific evidence on paper that most people are lazy to read), but it is also a result of the power if mouth-to-mouth or ‘talk’ of a widespread person; especially among my aunts in the villages and towns.

Ehhh don’t know, my aunt is just a cleaner, a guard or a gardener in the village so much money to buy Vivix. And this is more important to the health than the young and the taste is healthy in this city. Haaaa ..

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