Vivix Testimonials Kidney Stone

Vivix Testimonials Kidney Stone

the true story of a person with a Coral Stone taking a vivix. Success?

One day I had a pain in the left hip so I couldn’t get up and it was very painful.After receiving a doctor’s treatment, it was confirmed that my left kidney had a kidney stone. but the pain and urination are still old. Besides my kidney problems I also have low blood pressure problems and frequent dizziness and periods that do not come for over a year.

After asking my sister-in-law and reading about Shaklee’s supplementary testimony, I was determined to try VIVIX. I only have 4 days. Each month my period comes consistently for 9 days.But I realized, the pain was gone.

I no longer have pain in my left kidney, no more urinary incontinence and no more severe headache as I have in the past. It is rare to see a doctor for treatment. Drink every day before going to bed without forgetting. Another effect I feel on the body is very different. I’m not tired of taking care of 5 children at home and taking care of my students at school. Drinking vivix was originally intended to cure coronary artery disease. But there are many others who can get top tips.

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