Why Calisthenics ( Bodyweight Training )

Why Calisthenics ( Bodyweight Training )


Please take a little time to READ:
(Short Training Story – Experience & Benefits of Calisthenics/Training)
Many ask me WHY I LIKE Calisthenics (BODYWEIGHT TRAINING) and how, and if it has IMPROVED my training RESULTS.
To ANSWER the first question: Training that is possible ANYTIME & ANYWHERE (and it’s freedom), EFFECTIVE, FUN & full of CREATIVITY.
And to answer the second part, READ BELOW (no matter if you only do cali or weight training):

BEFORE starting with Calisthenics I had been doing GYM TRAINING for more than 10 years.
I thought I had a pretty good “overall strength” because I could do much of the weighted exercises with ease.
I STARTED to add some BODYWEIGHT TRAINING to my routine, quite a change as I would actually start work “only” with my body instead of lifting “heavy weights”.
When trying some of it I noticed that I was not very strong at all, at least not when it came to the advanced exercises.
It was SOMETHING NEW, like an unexplored STRENGTH.

And as I believe in to find any weakness or weak links and WORK IT stronger, then it will also IMPROVE THE COMPLETE STRENGTH. After so many years of training before with a slow and steady progress, also reaching “plateus”, I started to realize that I was learning something new, and I could manage to do PROGRESS… also for my overall strength.
So, besides of my PHYSIQUE that is in the best shape I’ve ever had – Let me also mention a few of the BENEFITS I have experienced
with bodyweight training in my routine.
– stronger core and abs (useful in pretty much all)
– improved explosive strength (speed & power)
– improved isometric strength (static)
– improved strength in general
– stronger forearms and wrists
– improved grip strength
– better overall balance and control
– better press balance and stability (improved bench and shoulder presses, for example)
– Increased jumping power (plyometric bodyweight training)

credit : kris karlsson

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