Why Diet Fail ?

Why Diet Fail ?

💤 Not Enough Sleep – Causes hormonal imbalances = increases appetite ⠀
😫 Stressed – Stress raises cortisol production that can cause sugar cravings & slower metabolism⠀
👅 Poor Gut Health – Your gut is related to your digestion, immune system, mental health, and more. Cut the sugar, taking probiotics and adding fermented foods into your diet. ⠀
🍽 Undereating – Yes, you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, but it needs to be enough calories to fuel your body. Consistently under eating can cause your body to hold onto fat, create hormonal and thyroid issues. ⠀
🍔 Overeating – Obvious one ⠀
🍬 Poor Nutrition Choices – No micronutrients in your diet, consuming artificial BS and eating processed foods which leads to bad gut health and empty calories⠀
💦 Overtraining – Don’t forget those rest days to give yourself time to recover from the stress you’re putting on your muscles. This is where they grow. ⠀
📉 Inconsistency – it doesn’t work if you only try it for a week, or you only eat healthy 5/7 days. You are the way you are because of the choice you make everyday ⠀

Some tools I use to help me:⠀
🖋 Food journaling – to keep better track of what’s consumed. Seeing it written out gives better perspective on what’s wrong. ⠀
🧘🏻‍♀️ @headspace / @calm along with yoga to help manage stress⠀
💪🏼 @whoop to see sleep and training strain (obsessed with this tool)⠀
📆 Calendar to schedule my workouts ⠀
🥤 GI Assist from @proteanutrition & probiotics to help with gut health ⠀

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