Why Tummytime ?

Why Tummytime ?

Video – Tummytime

Why Tummytime ?
It strengthens the limbs & back so that they start crawling at an earlier phase . It also expands the lungs when they cry doing it.
When Tummytime ?
From early at birth. I do them once the cord comes off at Day 5
How long Tummytime ?
Starts with 1-2 minutes 3x a day with increase duration and frequency as they get stronger.

Many told me let them be at their own pace .
But again if you have a child that starts crawling at 4months vs at 6 months …
If you have a child that starts walking at 7 months vs at 1 year …
The earlier the child completes its phase , the faster their brain develops …
Its a start to bring out their maximum potential …
But there’s more to it …
We use flashcards to imprint numbers , pictures & words to greater stimulate their brain .
The 0- 6 years of a child’s brain is the most crucial .
They absorb everything …
And every child is born with this learning ability to survive … to adapt
Hence its really upto us to feed them with these information.

Salam Everyone
Just sharing
Love As Always
PS – More details in My Way Of Parenting Book .
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PSS – Love the baby mat by @sunnytales.my

credit : Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Fanclub

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