Why You Need Blog And Facebook Page ?

Why You Need Blog And Facebook Page ?

It is worth noting that when Ainul Fadzilah Mustafa’s wife was crazy about writing articles, she did kill, sleep was damaged, the effects of nicotine, breast cancer. His title is really terrible. Hoo, so have your efforts to make an entry, read here and there, go and best of all, every time we read we have a discussion together, and a new knowledge can be obtained, and continue to write in a virtual diary.

But I have another story, this story has been shared thousands of times here, yes, try this page there is engagement, there are new likes, and most importantly always update cheerful sokmo. Hoo, I did it before, but I don’t know how to be lazy. Hoo, if you always update the page, it just feels like, use these two elements BLOG and PAGE, it’s cool, well worth it. Although now the wife is pregnant with the third pregnant woman, but the results she wrote before this keep on going viral, the prospect keep on asking questions.

Want to talk about this page alone, do it too, because this thing is DUPLICATABLE. This marketing system was used by Soffiah Shariff who made her pap smear article, she always shared it on the page, it did. Recently, IsMa Lyeza created an article on recycled cooking oil, which went viral. indeed .

Before we want to be a sale, we spread good knowledge, there is a blog, there is a page, it can go viral, do charity work, from busy viral things that are useless. The viral mission of goodness continues. Anyone want to join once? Contact abg joe ok?

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