Wisdom Beauty Of Woman

Wisdom Beauty Of Woman

Wisdom is also another beauty of a woman. Only a wise man will acknowledge a wise woman.

Sayyidah Aisyah Bint Abu Bakr r.a was known as a strong and resilient lady. As someone who was a devout servant of God, she was described in the history books as someone gifted with incredible intelligence, piety and immense beauty. She was a respected figure and prolific scholar who narrated more than 2000 Hadiths.

Sayyidah Aisha Bint Abu Bakr was an eloquent teacher who gave out fatwa

Musa Ibn Talha as narrated by Imam At-Tirmizi in his Sunan said,

“I have not seen anyone more eloquent than Aisyah”.

Scholars clamoured to listen to Sayyidah Aisyah’s lectures, during a time when, elsewhere around the world, women were not expected or wanted to contribute outside the household.

Sayyidah Aisyah r.a. was generous with her knowledge, delivering speeches eloquently, attending to difficult questions and giving out fatwas. She dedicated her life to teaching others about Islam. Sayyidah Aisyah r.a. clarified matters on inheritance that deeply dealt with mathematics. She was also highly knowledgeable in medicine, poetry and history.

Sayyidah Aisyah’s vast understanding in multiple disciplines of knowledge and remarkable contributions towards society speaks volumes, during an era when women were seen as inferior in nature and unworthy of having equal status with men.

Sayyidah Aisyah r.a. was keen to learn and was encouraged to do so by the Prophet s.a.w. She praised the women of Ansar for asking questions; even though they were shy, their shyness did not stop them from learning and seeking truth and knowledge.

In view of the towering role played by Sayyidah Aisyah r.a. in the transmission of knowledge, it is evident that women; their abilities and intelligence have always been recognised in Islam since the time of the Prophet s.a.w.

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