Yoast Plugin WordPress

Yoast Plugin WordPress

It can be said that we used to have a Healthy Diet Diet blog, developed on the blogspot platform. So our strategy at that time is to update and update. Takes all existing articles, and, you many articles. Now there is yoast, my work is a little different.

Year after year, my wife and I discovered to play viral articles, after that I did a lot of articles, eh no, wife did, I was the one who helped edit it. Hahhaa, so add a lot.

But in 2017 I want to enter the new cycle of  I decided to create the best website to use wordpress. Usually, it has to start a little serous. But as usual, I want to make this thing, starting for vivix  article. Oklah, many things to discover. Get all the stuffed articles hahhaa.

Then you want to get more focus, we combine the old blog with wordpress. The answer is a lot of crazy articles. Hahha. But over time many articles do not convert even difficult.

The answer is I put yoast seo, rearrange all the articles. The answer is, from last year, instead of updating a lot of articles, but you see I delete a lot, up to 1000 more articles.

Luckily I use wordpress, you can edit the permalink to redirect the plugin. Afterall, only 400 articles left.

Is this technique ok? How about you ? Ok until this article is cool, this is all because I use yoast plugin. So cool my crazy link. Also serve, an example of the kind of link below

So above are some examples that I have made when I have set goals. So the way I am, in fact, I have imitated seo backlinkco i.e. brain dean. His video is the easiest to understand, and his language is good. One of the best is the floor below.

So that’s all my seo lesson for you all today. So after this, the blog update should be on, don’t play hit ok?

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